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Check Online FESCO Bill | Download Duplicate Electricity Bill

Due to rapid development in technology, fesco has taken an innovative step to show the fesco bill check online to their electricity consumer. For the ease of customer, check electricity bills at your home on time to schedule your expenses accordingly. Visit ebillinfo.pk website to check fesco bills. It’s effortless to get your electricity bills with just on single click. You can see or download duplicate bills. For this purpose, just put the 14-digit reference number in the below box and press the button.

Fesco Online Bill Download

If you need to know what a 14-digit reference number is, it’s not a massive deal. The FESCO bill is divided into connection-related information, previous month’s bill details, charges sections, and bill calculation sections. Open up your bill and see from the top in the left corner reference number is given in the 5th of rows. In the below picture “Reference No” box is highlighted. After looking at it, you can easily find the 14-digit number on your Faisalabad Electric Supply Company bill and consumer ID.

14-digit number on your FESCO bill and consumer ID
easy way to find the reference number

Fesco Duplicate Bill

Checking FESCO bills online is a beneficial service because getting bills from FESCO in hard copy to the mentioned address is complicated, sometimes bill can’t arrive on time due to some reasons, and you’re forced to pay the late fee; otherwise, your FESCO connection will disconnect, but through FESCO online bill facility you can see, print and download (Bill bijli). With this facility, you can save time and energy. If you’re looking for an Android app to download the FESCO bill online, then you can download this FESCO app from the Play Store.

About Distribution Company

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company has a distribution National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) grant under Act 1997. FESCO provides electricity to about 4.81 million consumers within its coverage area, with a population of over 26 million. The current chief executive officer of FESCO is Engr. Bashir Ahmad.

Faisalabad Electric Supply, the largest electric company in Pakistan, is adopting multiple sources of electricity generation. Fesco also working on the causes of load shedding there’re multiple reasons behind load shedding one of the most common issue outdated equipment’s like electricity wire, and transformers etc.

These are the Areas under FESCO Territory

These are the Areas under FESCO Territory, fesco bill

If you live in the districts mentioned above, you have used FESCO electricity and find an online bill on this website through the reference number. Faisalabad Electric Supply Company also provides the facility of net metering.

FESCO Bill Payment Methods

After receiving the bill or using the duplicate bill download services through ebillinfo.pk, you can perform the electricity bill payment online or offline. We discuss below what is the meaning of offline or online payment methods.

Fesco Bill Payment offline

When you have a printed copy of the bill, you can pay FESCO duplicate bills in all branches of commercial banks, post offices, or nearby retail shops. The offline bill payment method is suitable for those who can’t have mobile or banking accounts and want to maintain paid-bill receipts as a record. Most government or private institutions, like schools, keep receipts of bills in hard copies to show to officers when needed.

Fesco Bill Payment Online

Now, you don’t need to stand in a queue and wait for your turn. You can pay the electric bill online at your home via JazzCash, EasiyPaisa, and Faisalabad Electricity bill payment through credit card, and internet banking apps. Just open the app, enter the bill reference number, select Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, enter the amount of the bill, press the payment button now, and your bill is paid. You complete this procedure in a few minutes efficiently.

You can also get off on your bill on online bill pay through 8171 ehsaas program 25000 bisp scheme. You can also view the bijli bill payment status, whether your bill is paid or not, and check the previous consumption of Fesco electricity and see the clear picture of bill payment history. You can also learn about how to reduce fesco electricity bill. We are sharing some applicable tips and tricks.

Wapda Bill Online Check – Fesco Online Bill Pitc

check fesco bills online anywhere any time

FECO Bill SMS Service

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company introduced a fantastic feature, and now you can automatically receive your billing information through SMS service. In this context, you should register yourself for SMS service. By filling out the SMS registration form, put the bill reference number and mobile number where you receive messages that will be forwarded from FESCO. You can see below how to fill out the SMS registration form. You can also know the load-shedding schedule by clicking this link. Register for the FESCO SMS service if you want to utilize this service.

Get FECO Bill through SMS

What Kind of Tax / Tariff is Charged by FESCO?

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company clearly shows all taxes included in your total bill; because the payable amount is not an actual bill, other charges are also included in the total bill. A typical user can’t know about these charges, but we discuss all taxes in detail. If you want to change the consumer bill name due to some reason it’s quite easy.

What Kind of Tax / Tariff is Charged by FESCO?

QTR Tariff Charges – Electricity Bill Fesco

QTR Tariff stands for Quarterly Tariff Adjustment. It is calculated based on the power purchase price, system repair or maintenance, variable operation, distribution, and transmission risks. That means all the costs of distribution company operations, staff salary, etc., are charged to customers.

QTF Tariff price is variable it’s not fixed all decisions are made by the chairman of NEPRA, Mr. Tauseef H. Farooqui. According to the last meeting of the Quarterly tariff, adjustment prices are decided. The detail of qtr trf adj is given below for the MEPCO online bill and others.

fesco bill, QTR Tariff Charges

If you want to calculate quarterly tariff adjustments on the bills, you already know two things first, one is current units, and the second is currently approved tariff rates. You can also register your complaint about bill tariff if you feel the tariff charged more than your bill or any other issue you have faced.

QTR TRF ADJ = price of QTR * number of units

For example:

QTR TRF ADJ = 2.95 * 12

QTR TRF ADJ = 35.4


FPA stands for Fuel Price adjustment. The price of this tax is based on the price of fuel. When the fuel price increases, then the price of FPA also increases. If you want to check how much FPA is added to your bill picture is given below:

fesco bill fuel price adjustment (FPA)

Fuel price adjustment is calculated from the current month to the previous 2 months’ bill units. For example, in the above image, the bill is for October, and APA is calculated based on August.

FPA = given FPA price on bill * units

FPA = 0.1918 * 10

FPA = 1.918

Fesco Online Bill Check Previous Month

You can calculate the estimated bill through the following link fesco online bill calculator. It’s an exciting feature offered by Fesco; through this, you know bill charges before issuing bills. You need to know the previous and current months’ readings and find actual units; put these units in the estimator that shows your bill. You can reduce your electricity bill by applying these tips.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity in the 1700s with his kite experiment.

WAPDA stands for Water and Power Development Authority which was established on February 22, 1958

Sr #UnitsRate
1Up to 50 units3.95
21 to 1007.74
3101 to 20010.6
4201 to 30012.15
5301 to 70019.55
6Above 70022.65

Phone #. (Off): +92-42-99202610, Fax #: +92-42-99202154 E-mail address: [email protected].

You can reduce your electricity bill in the following ways:

FESCO electricity meter connection is already installed, and if you want to change the consumer name on the electricity bill, change the tariff, and change of load, it’s so simple to go to Electricity New Connection System. It’s an online system that manages your problems and gives an optimized solution. Just follow the given instructions:

You can check your Wapda electricity bill by using a 14-digit reference number and putting that reference number on fesco bill online website.

Yes, you can easily find the Faisalabad Electricity bills online.

Yeah, the bill paid or not status can be checked by seeing on previous bill section. If not paid, details are given in that section.

Open the current month’s bill to see the last 12-month bill details.

Water and Power Development Authority have multiple desco companies that are providing electricity through out the Pakistan like, Fesco, and Lesco etc.