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Fesco bill calculator here, you can calculate your electricity bill by putting in your current units. The system will generate the total bill according to the defined fesco 1 unit of electricity price in Pakistan 2023. Fesco bill calculator, easy to use, which calculates the estimated cost of consumed units.

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Latest Electricity Bill Unit Rates 2023- Bill Calculator Fesco

Calculate electricity bill, the government of Pakistan is preparing to increase electricity prices by 6.79 rupees per unit, After meeting with the delegation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  IMF, a primary financial agency, visited Pakistan this month. The IMF gives some recommendations for continual loans to improve tariff collection targets. One of them is an increase in electricity unit prices.

The government committed to the IMF to increase electricity prices. IMF suggests increasing the electricity price in the upcoming 5 months step by step. In this way, circular debt will decrease. Electricity 1-unit price will increase by 4.46 rupees in January, in February one unit of electricity price in Pakistan quart tariff will increase by 3.21 rupees, and in March electricity bill unit price will increase by 0.69 rupees. If you want to check your fesco bill online, click here to learn bill details.

How to Use Fesco Bill Calculator – Steps to Use Fesco Calculator

Fesco (Faisalabad Electric Supply Company) has introduced an innovative tool to calculate the Fesco bill price or other Desco companies like Gepco, Hesco, Iesco, Lesco, Mpeco, Pesco, Quesco, Speco, and Tesco. This is all about the ease of the fesco consumers. They can easily use the Fesco online bill calculator to calculate electricity bills.

  • Open your internet browser and visit https://ebillinfo.pk/
  • To calculate the fesco bill, you must know the number of consumed units.
calculate electricity bill - fesco bill online
  • Enter the number of units.
  • The Fesco bill calculator tool will generate estimated electricity bill prices.

Calculate All Bills

By using this electricity bill calculator, you can calculate the bills of all DESCO companies in Pakistan.

Fesco Bill Calculation Method

Electric Supply company use various ways to calculate electricity bill that are as follows:

  1. Consumed Units: For the calculation of the bill first step is to acquire consumed units in a given period. Units are calculated in KWh.
  2. Fesco Tariff Charges: After acquiring consumed units the second step is to apply the Fesco tariff, tariff charges depend on the usage of electricity accordingly if consumption is high, then the tariff is also high.
  3. Taxes and Other Charges: Fesco bill includes various Taxes and Charges such as Government Sales Taxes (GTS), Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) meter rent, etc.
  4. Bill Calculation: The Fesco bill is calculated by multiplying by consumed units, fesco tariff, Taxes, and other charges, in the last payable amount, will be generated. Fesco gives 15 days to pay bills after the billing issue date.

Benefits of Fesco Electricity Bill Calculator

The Faisalabad Electric Supply Company bill online calculator tool has a lot of benefits for Fesco users, some are listed below:

Benefits of fesco online bill calculator

Fesco Electricity Bill Unit Price – Fesco Bill Unit Rates

Unit RangePrice Per Unit
Up to 50 Units2.00
01 to 100 Units7.36
101 to 200 Units9.68
201 to 300 Units11.77
301 to 700 Units20.82
Above 700 Units23.92

A2 Commercial

Unit RangePrice Per Unit
In Peak Hours, less than 5 Kilowatts20.66
In Peak Hours (TOU)26.6
In Off Peak Hours (TOU)20.09
Temporary Supply22.85

A3 General Services

Unit RangePrice Per Unit
General Services22.02

Types of Connection

  • Single Phase Connection: This connection is specially used for residential areas where electricity consumption is up to 220 Volts.
  • Three-Phase Connection: To meet high voltage consumption, industrial and commercial consumers install three-phase connections. In this type of connection, you can use up to 415 Volts of electricity.
  • Agriculture Tube Well Connection: This connection is specially designed to achieve agricultural needs to improve irrigation systems for the growth of crops. You can use 440 Volts of electricity in this connection.
  • Bulk Power Supply Connection: This connection benefits big industries and factories by fulfilling a high voltage consumption range between 6.6 KV to 132 KV.
  • Temporary Connection: These connections are used for events like fairs, exhibitions, festivals, etc. The voltage range may vary on the consumption of electricity. Electricity produced from deferent sources due to this high authorities divide prices according to its use most of the companies that have investment and future plans they use net metering for reduce their electricity consumption, if someone is interested for this connection they can contact to wapda or relevant Desco company they guide customer about connection martial that are used like wire and also provide knowledge about how to use it efficiently without load shedding.


Fesco online bill calculator generates accurate results for fesco consumers. It shows all bill online calculation formulas in detail. This tool gives a lot of benefits to estimating bills and viewing unit rates. To limit the usage of electricity timely for budgeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 unit of electricity price in Pakistan 2023 today is Rs. 2.

It depends on your electricity usage. The formula for the calculation of units is as follows:

Total units = Current Month’s Reading – Previous Month’s Reading

for example

Total units = 2000 – 1945

Total Units = 55

1 unit price of fesco electricity is depending on the policy of NEPRA rates are increase and decrease time to time but according to new updates.

Up to 50 Units2.00
01 to 100 Units7.36
101 to 200 Units9.68
201 to 300 Units11.77
301 to 700 Units20.82
Above 700 Units23.92