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The Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan, also known as FATA, was a semi-independent region located in the north-western region of Pakistan. It was directly governed by the government of Pakistan until 2018 when it was amalgamated with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), the fourth-largest province by area and the third most populous province of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, through legislation.

Tesco bills online Electricity in these areas is provided by TESCO. TESCO is an acronym for Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company.

A Close Look at TESCO

TESCO Bill Online, which aims to deliver reliable and constant electric supply to its valuable customers, commenced its operations in August 2004. It came into being as a result of a plan that was set up for the reorganization of WAPDA to facilitate the transformation from integrated control over the power sector to self-reliant entities.

 It carries out its functions under the authority of PEPCO and the Ministry of Power Division. All the construction works up to the point of the 11 kV and 132/66 kV transmission lines are executed by the workers of TESCO. It’s by far the finest and only power supply company in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

Areas of Operation

Administration of TESCO bill expands over more than 1200 kilometers. Its authority encompasses the following seven agencies and six frontier regions.


1. Kuramzai Agency
2. Aurakzai Agency
3. Khyber Agency
4. North Waziristan Agency
5. South Waziristan Agency
6. Bajur Agency
7. Mohmand Agency

Frontier regions

1. Peshawar
2. Kohat
3. Bannu
4. Lakki
5. Dera Ismail khan
6. Tank

Electricity Consumption

A magnanimous number of houses, industries, and small factories are facilitated by the TESCO bill online. The following table shows how electricity demand has increased over the years.

YearDemand (MW)
2016-2017321 MW
2017-2018338 MW
2018-2019349 MW
2019-2020361 MW
2020-2021373 MW
2021-2022386 MW
2022-2023399 MW

Tesco Online Bill Check

Now, electricity has become a necessity. Based on the number of units consumed, an electricity bill is sent to each and every consumer, which has to be paid within the deadline. Nobody is exempt from it.

Years ago, people had to travel miles and stand in queues for hours to deposit their bills and it was nothing less than a headache. But now, with the whirlwind progress in the discipline of technology, it has become feasible to pay electricity bills online, and the process is easier than you think!

With Tribal Area Electric Supply Company, checking and paying your bills online is now a breeze. Simply go to the TESCO bill online website and type in your 14-digit reference or customer number in the search field. Click here to check your TESCO bill online.

Your bill will be visible to you instantly. You can see and save the bill on your electronic device. Since the 14-digit reference number is unique to each individual, it is of the utmost importance that the number is written accurately in the tab to check the bill. We suggest that you commit the number to memory or record it elsewhere.

If you cannot recall your reference number, take a glance at your earlier electricity bills. You will see it written in a box located at the top left corner. You can effortlessly view the bills of your earlier months as well.

Duplicate Tesco Bill Online

If your bill gets misplaced, don’t fret. You can easily download your duplicate bill for free.

TESCO duplicate bill is as easy to get as A.B.C!

Just enter your 14-digit reference number and get the bill in no time.

Due Date

You have 7 days after receiving your monthly bill to make your payment. Don’t be concerned if you fail to extend the payment on time for whatever reason, you can pay the bill after the due date, just that you’ve got to pay a little fine for your carelessness.

Electricity Bill Calculator

Click here to access the free Tesco bill calculator which helps you calculate your bill for the month. Enter the units and it will calculate an expected bill amount including all usual taxes.

Peak Hours

Peak hours are those times of day when demand for power is at its highest and the price per unit of electricity rises. To achieve the minimum bill, reduce your power consumption during these hours. 

According to NEPRA, peak hours will be 5 p.m.-11 p.m. beginning July 1, and the rest will be off-peak hours. The peak-hour electricity tariff is 49.35 cents per unit, while the off-peak-hour power rate is 33.3 cents per unit.

Peak Hours Calculation

The yearly peak demand for the area or subarea is calculated by multiplying the individual category peaks by coincidence factors within the subarea and for each subarea within an area.

Electricity Units Price:

The financial year 2022-23 has seen a tariff increase, bringing the national average to Rs24.82 per kilowatt hour (kWh), a Rs7.9078 per kWh surge above the previously determined national average tariff of Rs16.91 per kWh.

Up to 50 units30
1-100 units40.59
More than 70052.61

Electricity Supply and Demand

From companies to residences, electricity is now a must-have. The pie chart below shows the electricity consumed by different sectors.

Electricity Theft

Tesco Bill Online Electricity theft is a criminal and deadly act that occurs all too often in Pakistan. It entails evaluating electricity without a meter, utilizing power in unlawful ways, altering meters, and desecrating a meter or cable to get access to electricity.

 It’s a heinous crime and will be dealt with according to the law. If a consumer is found guilty, they may be subject to a two-year prison sentence, a fine of up to Rs 2. 5 million, or both.

Transmission losses are the losses incurred on 132 kV and 11 kV transmission lines, while Losses on 11 kV and 420 Volts lines providing electricity to consumers are known as distribution losses. Usually, high losses occur because of inadequate maintenance and electricity theft.

Get In Touch

Address: Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company, 
TESCO Headquarters, WAPDA house Peshawar, Pakistan

The mission of TESCO Bill Online is to ensure the efficient supply of electricity to its respective consumers.  In case you’ve any complaints regarding the electricity supply, metering, new connection, etc.

Call at 091-9212006, 091-9212987

Email at: [email protected]  

Trust us, your complaint will be resolved in no time.

Preventive Measures

Thunder outbreaks and rain showers are more frequent in tribal areas of Pakistan. Carelessness may result in causalities. The following measures must be undertaken beforehand to avoid any unfortunate events:

  • Avoid touching bare wire wires and conductors for extensions
  • Don’t hang your clothes on electricity cables
  • Keep a clear distance from electric pools while raining
  • Utilize fuses of the proper size


TESCO stands for Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company. Its primary assignment is electricity distribution in the tribal region of Pakistan.

With the advancements in technology, it is possible to pay bill online. You can pay the bill easily while sitting in the comfort of your home.

Go to the online portal of TESCO, and log in to your account, there is a section that unveils the payment history of the consumer. It will tell you the current status of your electricity bill.

No, it is not possible to check the bill online by providing a CNIC number or name. You can only check the bill by entering the correct 14-digit reference number or 10-digit customer number.

In order to access your meter account, dial *977#.

You can contact us at these numbers, 091-9212006, 091-9212987, or visit the customer services site online to log the complaint.