how net metering works in Pakistan

Net Metering

Net Metering is an innovative idea that overcomes the wastage of electricity for those with a tremendous amount of electricity concerning their use. It benefits schools, colleges, banks, petrol pumps, and other prominent institutes. You can save your money and also earn credits from distribution companies. If you want to know tips and trick about how to reduce electricity bills, you must read.

How does Net Metering Work?

Green Metering is a trending idea nowadays proposed by Water and Power Development Authority Pakistan. It works according to the give-and-take rule. If you have a solar PV array that produces more energy than your use, you can sell those units to distribution companies. For this purpose, you should meet the criteria declared by NEPRA.

After completion of the application procedure company will issue a Solar Meter. It’s also known as the green meter and 2-way meter. It imports or exports electricity in both directions from the solar panel system to the grid system and vice versa. You can check fesco bills here. A detailed diagram is given below:

how net metering works

What are the Advantages of Net Metering?

  • You have to control your electricity bills on your own
  • Net Metering produces jobs and encourages investments
  •  You can Support electricity grid stations to overcome the load-shedding

What are the Disadvantages of Net Metering?

  • It generates expensive electricity for those who can’t produce their electricity.
  • Net Metering is not beneficial for low-income households and small industries.
  • After the installation of the green meter, the exported units to the distribution company are not included in your first bill, and due to this, you pay a heavy bill.

How Much Time is Required for the Net Metering Installation Process?

Sr. No.ResponsibilitiesDays
ApplicationApply along with the required documents to the concerned office, and after verification, they will respond.5
Review ProcessThe company will check whether the applicant fulfills the criteria (technical feasibility).20
Agreement signing & licensingSent agreement copy to NEPRA
Company issues estimated  charges
Applicant makes payment of estimate charges
Net Metering shall install
Billing  File send for billingdepends on company to company

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