Causes of load shedding in Pakistan

Load Shedding Causes

Definition of Load-Shedding

Load shedding means a shortage of electricity. There are many load shedding causes, when the demand increases as compared to the supply, then the main grid system, the central point of electricity transmission and distribution, is to make sure to be safe and disconnect the supply of electricity individually or automatically from consumers for a short or long period to maintain the voltage load. Mostly shortage of electricity occurs in peak hours. You can also check your fesco bill online.

History of Electricity Load Shedding

Pakistan, full of natural resources, has faced the issue of electricity power cut since its independence, but it most probably overcomes the electricity shortfall within 5 to 10 years from 1947. With time demand increased, but people needed to pay heed to electricity production. The history of load shedding in Pakistan can be traced back to the late 1990s when the country’s electricity generation and transmission infrastructure could not keep up with the rapidly growing demand for electricity.

 Kalabagh Dam, which could generate 3600MW of electricity and solution for floor crises, is situated on the bank of the Indus river for hydropower generation to utilize resources, in December 2004 the ruling party decided to build it. Due to some reasons, in 2008 Government of Pakistan postponed the decision to construct of Kalabagh dam, and it was the worst decision in the history of Pakistan. The worst load shedding started in 2007 in Pakistan.

Load Shedding Causes

There are many factors involved in load shedding. The main load shedding reason in Pakistan is the shortage of power generation. Due to various reasons, Pakistan doesn’t seriously focus on the production of electricity. The electricity demand increases daily, but electricity generation needs to be increased accordingly. 

In the summer session, load shedding can exceed 18 hours in some areas of Pakistan. The distribution of electricity is influenced by some politicians and bureaucrats, the DICSOs, a total of 10 distribution companies working in Pakistan, supply electricity from some undeveloped areas to some favorable areas of influencers on their demand. This is a more serious issue, and the government should take serious steps against these black sheep.

7 causes and effects of load shedding discovered by us are as follows:

  • Outdated power equipment and transmission infrastructure
  • High-level corruption and mismanagement in the power sector
  • Lack of maintenance of the electric power system
  • Population Increased
  • Living Standards are changed day by day
  • Poor planning
  • Due to inclement

Pakistan’s electric distribution companies take innovative steps to inform their consumers about the reason for load shedding today. In this way, common user schedules their work accordingly. You can check the load-shedding schedule for today via a web portal or SMS service.

Load Shedding Affected Countries

Load shedding is an almost common problem in the world but mostly affects those who don’t have contingency plans to mitigate upcoming problems because timely planning is the only key to avoiding problems. A list of the most affected countries in the world by load shedding is compiled by our team.

The major countries affected by power cuts are as follows:

effected countries in world

How to Solve Load-Shedding Problem in Pakistan?

Discussing the matter of load shedding needs deep planning and a smart approach to mitigate the issue. A single solution is not suitable for all the areas of the country, control load-shedding in a few days it’s not a piece of cake, but we discuss some core steps that can be taken to overcome that issue, including:

  • Expand electricity generation capacity
  • Upgrade Transmission and Distribution Network
  • Reduce energy wastage and improve energy efficiency
  • Promote alternative Power sources
  • Take energy Backup 
  • Enhance governance and regulations
  • Implement smart grid system technology

Load Shedding Equipment

Several pieces of equipment are available in the market, but it depends on your budget and the nature of your usage. After some research, some available options are shared with you that you can use during load shedding.

  1. Solar Inverters convert the direct current (DC) generated by solar panels into Alternate current (AC), which can be used as power appliances during electricity power cuts. Sunlight is the blessing of Allah for the world, especially for Pakistan.
  2. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) provide power backup for a short period and helps to save sensitive electric devices, such as computers and servers, from electricity deluge and voltage fluctuations.
  3. Generator Sets, or portable generators, can supply backup power during power cuts. Generators can be used gasoline, diesel oil, or propane to produce electricity. 
  4. Battery Storage is a more reliable power source during electricity load shedding, and these deep-cycle batteries can be charged by renewable power sources, like solar panels.
  5. Power Banks are hand-carrying devices that can back power to charge mobile devices, such as mobile phones and laptops, during traveling or load shedding.
  6. Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) is a device that helps to manage the voltage contributed to the electronic device, serving to protect it from destruction during a spell of electricity fluctuations. 


In this article, we have discussed the meaning of load-shedding, the history of load-shedding in Pakistan, and how many problems occur with the shortage of electricity. Millions of people, with the brilliant brain, are affected by power cuts at home or in business. Enlist the causes and effects of load shedding and the number of countries facing that problem worldwide. How many possible options are available to mitigate the issue? Also, discuss usable devices during periods of load shedding.

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