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Fasten your seat belts as we embark on an exhilarating journey to explore the fascinating details about electricity wires. Nothing illuminates our world quite like electricity, which flows through electricity wires. This blog will help you decipher the details of this innovation.

electricity wire

Physicists developed the idea of conducting electricity through wires when Faraday proposed his principle of the dynamo, which later became known as Faraday’s law. Over the years, electric wire has undergone significant changes in its size, type and outward form. Its quality has also ameliorated significantly. 

Uses of Electricity Wires

  • Since the generation of electricity takes place at a distance from where it is consumed, electrical wires are used to transmit electricity from a transformer or another source to various endpoints such as outlet, appliance, device, cable, switch, distribution board, and socket.
  • They act as conduits of electricity and provide a minimum resistance and high voltage flow for electricity in order to minimize the losses during transference.
  • Wires are attached to the walls using saddles and pipe hooks. They are also buried under the plaster. In general, electric wires are manufactured from aluminum or copper because they are marvelous conductors of electricity.

Best Quality Electricity Wires

The best wires for conducting electricity are those made of copper because of their exceptional electrical conductivity and efficient resistance to corrosion. They are also more stable and durable than aluminum wires; now you know, which wire to choose.

Categories Of Wires

Electricity wires can be divided into two categories:

  • Solid

Solid wires are rigid and better at conducting electricity

  • Stranded

Stranded wires are made up of multiple small wires woven together.

electricity wire

Types of Electricity Wire

Electricity wires, also popularly known as all-purpose wires, come in different sizes and cores. It is critical to know which type of wire will be more secure and trustworthy for extended periods of use in your home before wiring. Electricity supplied to residential areas is carried through following wires:

NM Cable

NM is an acronym for non-metallic. This wire is made specifically for interior use in modern homes.

  • It is composed of one or more live wires, one neutral wire, and one earth wire.
  • Another name for NM cable is Romex
electricity wire

Following is the color code for NM Cables:

GaugeColor code

Underground Feeder (UF) Cable

By and large, UF cable is used for outdoor projects. This is the type of wire that is crafted with the intent of being installed in wet locations or laid underground.

  • UF cable has durable insulation, which makes it more expensive than other wires.
  • The color of the Underground Feeder (UF) cable’s outer sheathing, which is made up of plastic, is grey.
electricity wire

Low-Voltage Wire

For circuits that require less than 50 volts, low-voltage wire is the apt choice. Low-voltage wire comes in different sizes, ranging from 12 to 22 gauge. It is typically used in lighting, doorbells, sprinkler systems, and thermostats. It is less costly than other wires.

electricity wire

Earth Wire

Earth wires help in the diversion of surplus electrical energy produced by lightning strikes or power surges into the ground, therefore reducing the harm to electrical apparatus and appliances. A point to note is that earth wire has low resistance and a high melting point, which makes it an ideal choice to avert overloads in livewire and current leakage to the ground. It primarily performs the function of safety.

  • Earth wire has stripes of green and yellow.
  • During normal operating conditions, an earth wire doesn’t carry current

         since voltage=current/resistance, so voltage is zero as well.

  • Touching it doesn’t harm you, but please try your best not to come into contact with the wire. As they say, prevention is better than cure!

Live Wire

Live wire is the wire that transmits electricity from its point of generation to the appliances in our homes. If there is a malfunction inside the device or circuit and the live wire comes into contact with any metal part, the circuit breaker will be activated to safeguard the person from electric shock.

  • Another well-known name for live wire is hot wire
  • Color code for live wire is brown
  • Live wire carries high voltage
  • Contact between a live wire and a conductive material can damage appliances, cause breakers to trip, and potentially start fires. An electric shock is in store for you if you come into contact with a live wire so be careful, be very careful!
  • Live wire carries 220 volts

Neutral Wire

The neutral wire carries the circuit back to its origin; to be more exact, it returns it back to the ground via your electrical system.

  • Importance of neutral wire can’t be denied. Without a neutral wire, there would be no route for electricity to travel and complete its cycle back to the power source
  • No voltage runs in neutral wire.
  • Color code for neutral wire is blue
electricity wire

Price of Electricity Wires

The cost of electricity wires in Pakistan varies depending on the area. For instance, those in Karachi can purchase electricity wires for anywhere between Rs. 8000 and Rs. 12000, depending on the size and quality. In Lahore, the prices remain in the same range, between Rs. 8000 and Rs. 1200. In Islamabad, the prices may be slightly elevated.

Copper Wire90 meters9,400
1mm² 300/500 V90 meters5,450
1.6mm² 450/75090 meters14,000
1×2.5mm² 450/750 V90 meters13,560
1x4mm²90 meters19,000
1x6mm²90 meters29,080

Electricity Wire Connectors

There are numerous categories of electricity wire connectors. The most broadly used are twist-on and crimp connectors. It’s essential to adhere to all electrical codes when using electricity wire connectors.

Electricity Wires Covering

Looking for an effective tool to cover up electricity wires, both indoors and outdoors? A wire guard should be your first choice. Not only does it protect outdoor wires from rain, snow, sun, and impact, but it is also inexpensive and convenient to use.

How To Untangle Group of Wires

To untangle a group of wires, you can use a tone generator. It not only sorts them out but also helps you differentiate between wires. Electricity wire tracers are also easily available for this purpose.

Electricity Wires Locating App

There are apps as well which help you in locating electricity wires.

electricity wire

It has exceptional features that have made our lives much simpler. It helps with locating wires and finding the right spot for drilling and construction work.

Electricity Wire Sizes

The size of an electricity wire and the maximum amount of current that can safely flow through it are determined by electricity wire gauge.

Depending on the amount of current required and the intended use, one can select from a range of standard sizes of Wire Gauges.

  • 2-gauge wire.
  • 6-gauge wire.
  • 8-gauge wire.
  • 10- gauge wire.
  • 12-gauge wire.
  • 14-gauge wire.

Difference Between Wire and Cable

There is often confusion regarding wire and cable, specifically whether they are similar or different. To clear up the confusion, wires and cables are identical, with one key difference: a wire is a single electrical conductor, while a cable is a group of conductors encased in a protective sheath.


Insulation material provides resistance to the the flow of electric current, making it difficult for the current to pass through when an electric field is applied. This helps to prevent short-circuiting between conductors after they have been put in place.

There a various forms of insulation depending upon the number of cores. Following table describes the color of insulations having different number of cores

No. of coresColor
TwoRed, Black
ThreeRede, Yellow, blue
FourRede, Yellow, black

Electricity Wire Manufacturing Companies

There are numerous electricity wire manufacturing companies in Pakistan

A few are listed below:

  • Hi Energy Cables
  • Techno Power Cable
  • Allied Cables
  • Sunny Cable Industries (Pvt) Limited

Safety Precautions

  • Take special care when handling electrical appliances or wires. Better safe than sorry!
  • Before doing any electricity work at home, inform all family members and set the breaker to the off position.
  • When splicing wires, make sure to include a junction box that is readily available.
  • Don’t ignore fuse or breaker problems; get them repaired as soon as possible.
  • Don’t touch bare wires.
  • It is advised not to hang clothes on electricity wires. This is a practice often seen in rural areas of Pakistan.
  • Keep a safe distance from electricity wires, especially during the rain.  At least fifty people died of electrocution during monsoon in Pakistan in 2023.


Electricity wires are essential in providing power to our modern world. The electrical wire sector in Pakistan is thriving and making advances to bright up our homes, offices, industries and the rest of the places with cheap costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A: Electricity wires are generally composed of aluminums and copper. Copper wires are the best conductors of electricity because of their exceptional electrical conductivity.

A: Following are the primitive types of electrical wires

  • Live wire
  • Neutral wire

Earth wire

A: 2.5mm or 14-gauge wire is used for 1.5-ton ac whereas wire six for 3-ton AC would be 6mm or 10 gauge.

A: The color of outer sheathing of Neutral wire is blue

A short circuit happens when live wire comes into contact with neutral wire. This results in rapid increase in electric current which may cause fire to erupt.

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